Our Clients

Home Retail Group

“C3 Partners helped us find the ‘missing ingredients’ in our new customer engagement stragtegy for ARGOS.”

Steve Carson, Retail Operations Director Home Retail Group


“Their laser-like focus on the customer stood them apart in our minds...”

Jack Upton, Director of Training, Education and Customer Services


“The most refreshing thing is C3 Partner’s practical ability in putting plans into action.They deliver results.”

Helen Stevens, Director of strategic project and business delivery


“They gave us some key insight that helped us to really shape our future strategy.”

Jo Foley, Senior Director - Retail Change ASDA

Customer Centred Framework

A simple but powerful set of customer-centred services and products to enhance your customer programme
ensuring delivery of the customer basics
maximising the impact of your new customer innovations


Uncovering the simple but powerful things valued most by all your customers and staff


Understanding the difference between what your customers truly want or need and what you are actually delivering


Working with you to close the gap by delivering lasting performance transformation that is based on what customers value most

Our Work

A customer centered behavioural development program that has improved the performance of over 200 Argos stores.

Insight: Seeing through the eyes of the customer can deliver up to 30% top growth and 25% reduction in operating costs.

Adding customer-centred behavioural development to McDonald’s training programmes for their UK Restaurant of the Future programme.

A new model of care for Plymouth – cutting through complexity of multiple care pathways to deliver a seamless and cost-efficient service.


C3 Partner Sponsors Largest Customer and Employee Engagement Event in the UK

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